General Description

LevelS-3 / C-1
Discovered? / A. lobata
SynonymArg 373 / Pseudoargiopinin 3
Molecular formulaC₁₉H₂₇N₅O₃
CAS152886-77-6 (S) / 175777-87-4 ®
Precursor 1 [M+H]⁺374.21867
Precursor 2 [M+2H]²⁺187.61297
Precursor 3
Precursor HDX 1 [M(D₇)+D]⁺382.26888
Precursor HDX 2 [M(D₇)+2D]²⁺192.14122
Precursor HDX 3
Rt HDX10.87

Calculated MS/MS fragments


Additional MS/MS fragments


Recorded MS/MS spectra

Data374.21867P. bistriataProf. Dr. Wagner Ferreira dos Santos, BRAY. M. Forster
DataHDXP. bistriataProf. Dr. Wagner Ferreira dos Santos, BRAY. M. Forster


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Argiopine, argiopinines, and pseudoargiopinines as glutamate receptor blockers in hippocampal neuronsN. I. Kiskin, O. A. Kryshtal, A. Ya. Tsyndrenko, T. M. Volkova, E. V. Grishin, Neurophysiology 1990, 21, 525-532A. lobataPseudoargiopinin 3Activity-studiesLink
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Spider species

Spider speciesFamilyDiscovered
Argiope lobataAraneidae? / ?
Parawixia bistriataAraneidae2020 / Y. M. Forster