General Description

LevelS-1 / C-1
Discovered? / A. robustus
Molecular formulaC₁₀H₂₆N₄
Precursor 1 [M+H]⁺203.22302
Precursor 2 [M+2H]²⁺102.11515
Precursor 3
Precursor HDX 1 [M(D₆)+D]⁺210.26696
Precursor HDX 2 [M(D₆)+2D]²⁺106.14026
Precursor HDX 3
Rt HDX0.98

Calculated MS/MS fragments


Additional MS/MS fragments


Recorded MS/MS spectra

Data203.22302Spermine 4HCl (CAS 306-67-2)FlukaY. M. Forster
Data203.22302PA334A. apertaFauna Laboratories Ltd., KAZY. M. Forster
DataHDXPA334A. apertaFauna Laboratories Ltd., KAZY. M. Forster
Data203.22302Ariadna sp.Spider Pharm, USAY. M. Forster
DataHDXAriadna sp.Spider Pharm, USAY. M. Forster
Data203.22302PA334Hololena sp.Spider Pharm, USAY. M. Forster
DataHDXPA334Hololena sp.Spider Pharm, USAY. M. Forster
Data203.22302PA334L. cornutusSpider Pharm, USAY. M. Forster
DataHDXPA334L. cornutusSpider Pharm, USAY. M. Forster
Data203.22302P. bistriataProf. Dr. Wagner Ferreira dos Santos, BRAY. M. Forster
DataHDXP. bistriataProf. Dr. Wagner Ferreira dos Santos, BRAY. M. Forster
Data203.22302PA334P. mexicanusSpider Pharm, USAY. M. Forster
Data203.22302P. tristisSpider Pharm, USAY. M. Forster
DataHDXP. tristisSpider Pharm, USAY. M. Forster


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Spider species

Spider speciesFamilyDiscovered
Agelena labyrinthicaAgelenidae1991 / K. Hagiwara
Agelena limbataAgelenidae1991 / K. Hagiwara
Agelenopsis apertaAgelenidae2005 / M. Tzouros
Allagelena opulentaAgelenidae1991 / K. Hagiwara
Aphonopelma emilia*Theraphosidae1980 / S. G. Cabbiness
Aphonopelma hentziTheraphosidae1980 / S. G. Cabbiness
Aphonopelma sp.Theraphosidae1980 / S. G. Cabbiness
Ariadna sp.Segestriidae2020 / Y. M. Forster
Atrax robustusAtracidae? / ?
Cheiracanthium japonicumCheiracanthiidae1991 / K. Hagiwara
Cyriopagopus lividumTheraphosidae2005 / S. Moore
Dolomedes sulfureusPisauridae1991 / K. Hagiwara
Hololena curtaAgelenidae2005 / M. Tzouros
Hololena sp.Agelenidae2020 / Y. M. Forster
Larinioides cornutusAraneidae2020 / Y. M. Forster
Loxosceles rufescensSicariidae1991 / K. Hagiwara
Neoscona nauticaAraneidae1991 / K. Hagiwara
Nephila clavataAraneidae1991 / K. Hagiwara
Parawixia bistriataAraneidae2020 / Y. M. Forster
Physocyclus mexicanusPholcidae2020 / Y. M. Forster
Plectreurys tristisPlectreuridae2020 / Y. M. Forster
Stromatopelma calceatum griseipesTheraphosidae1992 / C. Lange