General Description

LevelS-1 / C-3
Discovered1987 / A. aurantia
SynonymAR 659 / Arg 659 / Argiopinin 3 / Argiotoxin 659 / ArgTX 659
Molecular formulaC₃₁H₅₃N₁₁O₅
Precursor 1 [M+H]⁺660.43039
Precursor 2 [M+2H]²⁺330.71883
Precursor 3
Precursor HDX 1 [M(D₁₅)+D]⁺676.53082
Precursor HDX 2 [M(D₁₅)+2D]²⁺339.27219
Precursor HDX 3

Calculated MS/MS fragments


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Acylpolyamines: Mass spectrometric analytical methods for Araneidae spider acylpolyaminesY. Itagaki , T. Nakajima , Toxin Rev. 2000, 19, 23-52A. lobataArg 659ReviewLink

Spider species

Spider speciesFamilyDiscovered
Argiope aurantiaAraneidae1987 / M. E. Adams
Argiope floridaAraneidae1988 / T. Budd
Argiope lobataAraneidae1989 / E. V. Grishin
Argiope trifasciataAraneidae1988 / T. Budd