General Description

LevelS-1 / C-1
Discovered1997 / N. cruentata
SynonymArg 622 / AVTX 622 / NPTX 622 / NPTX 622B
Molecular formulaC₂₈H₅₀N₁₀O₆
CAS345303-38-0 (S,S) / 2133411-64-8 (S,R)
Precursor 1 [M+H]⁺623.39876
Precursor 2 [M+2H]²⁺312.20302
Precursor 3
Precursor HDX 1 [M(D₁₅)+D]⁺639.49918
Precursor HDX 2 [M(D₁₅)+2D]²⁺320.75637
Precursor HDX 3
Rt HDX3.15

Calculated MS/MS fragments


Additional MS/MS fragments


Recorded MS/MS spectra

Data623.39876T. clavipesSpider Pharm, USAY. M. Forster
Data312.20302T. clavipesSpider Pharm, USAY. M. Forster
DataHDXT. clavipesSpider Pharm, USAY. M. Forster


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Polyamine toxins from spiders and waspsA. Schäfer, H. Benz, W. Fiedler, A. Guggisberg, S. Bienz, M. Hesse, The Alkaloids 1994, 45, 1-125A. florida & A. trifasciataArg 622ReviewLink
Mass spectrometric structure determination of spider toxins: Arginine-containing acylpolyamines from venoms of Brazilian garden spider Nephilengys cruentataM. S. Palma, Y. Itagaki, T. Fujita, M. Hisada, H. Naoki, T. Nakajima, Nat. Toxins 1997, 5, 47-57N. cruentataNPTX 622FAB-MS/MSLink
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Low molecular mass compounds in spider venomY. M. Forster, S. Bienz, L. Bigler, 2020, in preparationdiv.Link

Spider species

Spider speciesFamilyDiscovered
Araneus ventricosusAraneidae2019 / K. Lui
Argiope floridaAraneidae1988 / T. Budd
Argiope trifasciataAraneidae1988 / T. Budd
Nephila clavataAraneidae2005 / M. S. Palma
Trichonephila clavipesAraneidae2020 / Y. M. Forster
Trichonephila inaurata madagascariensisAraneidae2005 / M. S. Palma
Nephilingis cruentataAraneidae1997 / M. S. Palma