General Description

LevelS-1 / C-1
Discovered1990 / N. clavata
SynonymJSTX 1 / LF 466D
Molecular formulaC₂₂H₃₈N₆O₅
Precursor 1 [M+H]⁺467.29764
Precursor 2 [M+2H]²⁺234.15246
Precursor 3
Precursor HDX 1 [M(D₁₀)+D]⁺478.36669
Precursor HDX 2 [M(D₁₀)+2D]²⁺240.19012
Precursor HDX 3
Rt HDX2.31

Calculated MS/MS fragments


Additional MS/MS fragments


Recorded MS/MS spectra

Data467.29764L. cornutusSpider Pharm, USAY. M. Forster
Data234.15246L. cornutusSpider Pharm, USAY. M. Forster
DataHDXL. cornutusSpider Pharm, USAY. M. Forster
Data467.29764T. clavipesSpider Pharm, USAY. M. Forster
Data234.15246T. clavipesSpider Pharm, USAY. M. Forster
DataHDXT. clavipesSpider Pharm, USAY. M. Forster


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Newly synthesized analogues of the spider toxin block the crustacean glutamate receptorK. Shudo, Y. Endo, Y. Hashimoto, Y. Aramaki, T. Nakajima, N. Kawai, Neuroscience Research 1987, 5, 82-85C-2Synthesis, Activity-studiesLink
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Low molecular mass compounds in spider venomY. M. Forster, S. Bienz, L. Bigler, 2020, in preparationdiv.Link

Spider species

Spider speciesFamilyDiscovered
Larinioides cornutusAraneidae2020 / Y. M. Forster
Larinioides patagiatusAraneidae2009 / S. Eichenberger
Nephila clavataAraneidae1990 / T. Toki
Trichonephila clavipesAraneidae2020 / Y. M. Forster
Nephilingis cruentataAraneidae1998 / M. S. Palma