venoMS - The low molecular mass spider toxin database

venoMS is a free database for low molecular mass compounds found in spider venoms (< 1000 Da) and provides fast access to ESI-MS/MS spectra, fragment ion annotation and literature references about the structure elucidation, synthesis and biological activity of the metabolites. The spider taxonomy is based on the latest version of the World Spider Catalog.

venoMS has been designed to support the identification of known spider venom metabolites and the structure elucidation of new polyamine toxins based on their UHPLC-HR-ESI-MS, MS/MS and H/D exchange data. The database can easily be queried using the search box at the top of the page, and the fragment ions of a yet unknown polyamine toxin can now be readily generated with our fragment ion calculator (FRIOC).

In addition, a compilation of all contained structures in a csv file can be accessed here.